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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 24, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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return to the bay area. a live look from our east bay hills camera as the sun gets ready to come up, the temperatures already -- it is definitely going to be a hot one outside today. good morning on this tuesday, yes, it is october 24th. natasha is off, alexis on maternity leave so we have a guest star today. hello, frances. >> hi. yes. >> good to see you. >> nice to see you, too. it's been a long time but it's fun to be here. >> mike, the only person who really likes this weather is this lady right here. >> i like the warm weather. >> i'm with you. >> you guys give me a hard time about it. not today. >> not today. no. i will give you a -- no, not today at all. mother nature may give you a hard time if you have to be out working in it. 50s and 60s in our valleys and no sign of the marine layer on live doppler 7, no clouds out there. our fall like temperatures have taken a hiatus, they are residing in the upper midwest and midwest where temperatures are in the 40s and 50s for highs while we are going to be in the 80s and 90s. you can see the south beach,
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looks clear on the bay bridge, temperatures this morning all over the place from the 50s to the 60s, we will be 77 to 80 by noon, 82 to 88 at 4:00 and then at 7:00, 69 at the coast, 67 to 78 for the rest of us. we will take a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast and some of the temperatures in your neighborhoods coming up next. here is frances. we will take a look at traffic in the south bay right now because it has been quiet around the bay area. here is a live look at 101 in san jose, those head lights moving northbound, that's 88 so across your screen. there was a crash reported northbound 88 -- rather 280, it's at seventh and here is northbound 280 as you continue past highway 17 and 17 looking good right now all the way through the santa cruz mountains. lots of green everywhere except for the usual slow downs that i mentioned westbound 4 out of antioch and westbound 205 out of tracy. let's hope it stays this way.
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the faa investigating a second incident at sfo involving air canada. >> abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live at the airport with more on exactly what happened, matt. >> reporter: good morning, jessica and reggie. communication issues, that was the big problem between the tower and the air canada crew. thankfully no one was hurt but listen into what was said after the landing. >> air canada, 781, thank you. [ inaudible ]. >> that's pretty evident. >> reporter: pretty evident indeed. the air canada flight from montreal had received permission to land from sfo when air traffic control tried to make a change. this he repeated the instructions five times and without a response a supervisor used a flashing red light to alert the crew to go around. air canada jet landed safely just before 9:30 never having acknowledged the orders. you will remember air canada was involved in another incident at sfo back in july.
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at that time an air canada plane came within 59 feet of crash landing into other planes at sfo. as for this latest incident air canada told abc 7 news upon landing the crew was informed the tower had attempted unsuccessfully to contact the aircraft, however, the message was not received by the crew. the faa is investigating. reporting live at sfo, matt keller, abc 7 news. happening today the father of kate steinle the woman killed on san francisco's pier 14 two years ago is expected to return to the stand. jim steinle was the first witness called to testify in that trial yesterday. he was with his 32-year-old daughter when she was shot. josé garcia zarate is accused of firing that weapon that killed her. the gun had been stolen from a car belonging to a federal ranger four days earlier. that i think raer is expected to testify. a construction worker has died after being pinned beneath a large machine in marin county and that's according to our media partner the marin ij.
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sky 7 flew over fairfax after firefighters freed the man from beneath a skidloader yesterday morning. the 37-year-old victim was reportedly an employee at a nearby boy scout camp. officials say he was moving gravel when the road collapsed sending him down an embankment. his identity has not been released. more than 800 solano county workers will go on strike. they're protesting unfair labor practices. i according to the workers union one example happened during the north bay wildfires, workers say preparation planes were completely inadequate and combined with understaffing at solano county departments it was impossible for them to assist needy residents. some county departments have up to 10% of their positions unfilled. new details this morning about a lawsuit filed by 18 states to prevent the trump administration from ending health insurance subsidies. >> the san francisco judge hearing the case says he's unlikely to support the lawsuit. the u.s. district judge suggested the plaintiffs including california have not
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proved they are in danger of imminent harm if the subsidies end. he stated california has come up with a better solution that's going to result in better healthcare for a lot of people without, though, saying what it is. and happening today in sacramento more health news, a rally for single payer healthcare. the association and the campaign for the healthy california act will demonstrate in support of state bill 562. that would guarantee health coverage to all californians eliminate premiums, deductibles and other out of cost health costs. despite concerns about the bill's high costs estimated to be $400 billion. also happening today san francisco may call for president trump's impeachment. a rally is scheduled at city hall in noon in support of a resolution to dismiss the president from office. attending the rally will be billionaire and environmental activist tom steyer who has recently launched a $10 million ad campaign to impeach the
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president. this morning things really heating up between the president and a tennessee lawmaker. tennessee republican senator bob corker standing by his comments in which he said president trump is putting the united states on the path toward world war iii. here is what corker said this morning in an interview with "good morning america," take a listen. >> no, george, i don't make comments that i haven't thought about and the president continues to kneecap his diplomatic representative, the secretary of state. >> corker said when it comes to north korea and tax reform he would like president trump to leave it to the professionals and president trump has quickly responded on twitter this morning saying among other things bob corker couldn't get elected dog catcher in tennessee. senator corker then fired back only 20 minutes ago saying, quote, same untruths from an utterly untruthful president. #alert the day care staff.
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>> twitter is on fire this morning. okay. happening today the red cross will open a new assistant center for north bay fire victims, the center will be for people affected by the pocket, tubbs and nuns fires, this will be open daily from 9:00 to 7:00 at the united methodist church on randolph street, the center will be open through october 28th. the cost for catching a ride with uber or lyft could be going up, how an extra dollar per ride could help improve transportation across san francisco. >> plus beauty in the south bay, ♪ that one. this. that one. ♪
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all right. we're back and look at these temperatures spread across the south bay. we've got all sorts of numbers out there, 67 in los gatos to 56 in sunnyvale, 55 in alum rock. the 70s, it's breezy alameda up to san pablo, 73, it's faster the winds and warmer in half-moon bay. that's not a misprint, that's at the airport, it's 81 degrees right now. phere is a look at the san matto bridge as we look westbound. we will talk to frances about the traffic. let me show you what to expect weather wise, clean and dry on the roads.
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mass transit cool to hot and breezes will taper if you are going to be out on the bay. 100s in los angeles and palm springs, 69 in tahoe, that will be the cool spot around the state today. look at this, it's going to be toasty with record highs possible in many neighborhoods. i will have the microclimates coming up next. here is frances. traffic nice and normal, just what you would expect, bay bridge toll plaza is backed up now towards the foot of the maze so about a 15 minute wait for you. we will check out another live shot and this time we will head over to 101 in san rafael, traffic is fine, southbound traffic on the right-hand side looking good into san francisco, no delays for drive times, 101 southbound santa rosa to petaluma 18 minutes, the 580 ride from castro valley to the maze to the bay bridge 13 minutes and north 101 looking pretty good in san jose. ace train reporting no delays, actually train number one was a few minutes but i'm going to give it a green, muni and bart looking good. uber and lyft riders might
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have to start paying a fee to fund local transportation like muni. the fee so range from 20 cents to a buck per uber or lyft ride. besides helping muni, the money would also improve street scapes and bicycle infrastructure in the city, the transportation task force made up of businesses and neighborhood groups are discussing the fee. this morning new details emerging on how long it will take to build google's transit village in san jose. plus a wedding proposal one couple won't soon forget. forget about the ring, this one is all about the famous hippo is all about the famous hippo photo there's only one egg is all about the famous hippo photo that jusfresher. better. more flavorful. delicious. with more great nutrition. and 25% less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. do i use that'sthat wgood for my teeth? .. now i don't have to choose! from crest 3d white comes new whitening therapy. it's our best wtening technology.
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cal fire says it expects the north bay wildfires to be fully contained by friday. we're showing you right here a view of sanity rosa from drone view 7. the fire that caused this damage in the fountaingrove area is 94% contained. abc 7 news did receive permission from cal fire to fly over that area. crews are making progress on a wildfire in the santa cruz mountains, the bear fire is now 85% contained. it has charred 391 acres, all evacuation orders were lifted yesterday. nine firefighters suffered injuries, many due to the steep terrain. happening today, we will learn about the results of an audit of the santa clara county
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register of voters, a an assembly called for the state to audit in march. a wrong ballot sent to a school district, a missing opposition ballot on a san jose measure in 2014 and numerous issues involving vote by mail ballots that were either wrongly counted or sent to ineligible voters. a group of artists thinks they can give san jose a new and exciting look. >> they're painting 16 murals hoping to make street corners more inviting. abc 7 news caught the artist at work yesterday along the alameda, it's part of a festival called pow wow, san jose. they are creating a rose design. he notes that san jose has 20 murals. >> sometimes it takes a little bit of an outside eye to like really appreciate what we already have going on here. i think possibly what it will do is it will kick start something that's already going on here anyway. >> artists in san jose are going
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to be working all week long and the public is invited to stop by and watch them. it turns out everybody's favorite hippopotamus may be a romantic at heart. >> she got a front row seat to a marriage proposal at the cincinnati zoo. she looks like she's checking out that i think are. the adorable hippo stole the spotlight and the couple shared these photos of the hippo photo bombing their pictures. they are saying they were so happy she could be there for their special day and stuck around for pictures at the end of the she was part of the whole thing. >> maybe she can be the flower girl or the ring bearer. >> the ring bearer. she's too cute. she's just dreaming of her fairytale ending. >> or she just wants a snack which is probably the more likely explanation. >> an expensive snack. >> the ring. i hope she doesn't eat the ring. that would be terrible. >> yeah, that would be. >> it yoog viral. >> -- it would be viral.
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>> the weather may go viral or the people's unhappiness with the heat out there. let's look at damn, mt. tam gusting up to 24 miles per hour, haven't heard if any of the breezes are hurting the firefighting efforts up in the north bay. they have a lot of that contained. they have been around 24 to 30 most of the night and they're over in the east bay hills also, that's going to keep our warm to hot pattern held in place for another couple of days. clear sky tonight, not quite as breezy, i don't think it will be quite as warm in our hills and yar in the 70s right now, rain and autumn chill pretty much absent for the next two weeks. let's talk about temperatures. look at this, downtown san francisco, 86 with warm sunshine, no real sea breeze today. daly city the cool spot 81, balboa park in richmond at 83 degrees. east bay, oak land, the breezing taper but heat increases to 87, record high there, castro valley
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89. south bay a record 91. it is going to be coasty those temperatures in san jose to 95 morgan hill and gilroy. on the peps la we have a high of 90 in redwood city, that's a record. 85 mill bray and the breezes at the breaches will relax but you will hit the mid to upper 80s this afternoon. hot with low humidiy across the north bay, 93 in santa rosa, record high. 89 in san rafael, inland east bay we will see one of the biggest changes from 50s this morning to 90s this afternoon to concord 90 and livermore 92 record high. 50s and 60s for lows tonight instead of 60s and 70s like this morning. we will lose the 80s by sunday. hi, frances. just a few fender-benders out on the roads this morning and they've been cleared pretty quickly. a live shot, this is san jose 280 for those head lights moving northbound, highway 17, moving across your screen and a dead deer will be cleared on
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northbound 17 near the lexington reservoir. right now at the richmond san rafael bridge a minor wait westbound heading towards the toll plaza. a look at the drive time traffic maps, areas of red an orange, those are the usual slow spots, southbound 880 through hayward, 680 out of dublin through pleasanton and westbound 580 rides. albany to the maze is 7 minutes, southbound 880 fremont to snl 15 minutes, northbound 101 looking good, rather northbound 280 from highway 101 to cupertino an easy 11 minute ride. "good morning america" coming up at 7:00 right here on abc 7. >> amy robach is live from new york city with a look at what's ahead. good morning. >> good morning. coming up next on gma we are learning new details about that timeline of the deadly niger ambush, but serious questions remain unanswered. senator bob corker the chair of
6:21 am
the senate foreign relations committee joins us this morning with more on that. in other words in florida are race to go find a possible serial killer terrorizing a tampa neighborhood. dan abrams and a former chief inspector with the u.s. marshals here live as we go inside that investigation. after a big night in the ballroom or "dancing with the stars" booted couple nikola shea and pita flew overnight they are here in the studio with us this tuesday morning. that is all coming up. >> i thought he would last longer but i guess it didn't work out. we will see you later on. thank you so much. a new effort to rebrand lake berryessa, who you it could bring new business and jobs to the north bay. >> finding a parking spot in san francisco is no easy task. and as you get your day into gear keep on top of weather and traffic throughout the commercial break. we are taking a live look at walnut creek.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ wow! nice outfit. when i grow up, i'm going to mars. we're working on that. some people know how far they want to go. a personalized financial strategy can help you get them there. see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. here is a live look from our sutro camera showing clear sky
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over san francisco. tours in the mid to upper 60s, get ready for a hot day across all of the bay area. track the heat with the abc 7 accuweather app. it's free to download. you will get updates from us and monitor the forecast on the go. develop news in livermore, the woman who was shot by police officers over the weekend is due in court today. police identify the suspect at 26-year-old carolyn rieboldt. they say two officers ordered her out of a stolen car saturday night but say she drove towards them, that is when the officers shot her. rieboldt was taken to the hospital, she is expected to recover. the two officers are now on administrative leave. new details on google's plan to build a new mega campus in downtown san jose. major construction on the project is likely to begin in 2025. so about eight years from now. this according to our media partner the mercury news. the time frame was outlined in a city memo, it's the first public indication of how long it could
6:26 am
be before construction starts on the tech giant's expansion, the project could bring up to 20,000 employees to san jose if that plan moves forward. we all know parking in san francisco isn't so easy. now a startup has listed the most ticketed spots in the city. >> so write these down, the most common blocks are mission between 1st and 2nd streets, 1st street between folsom and harrison and town tend between 4th and 5th. the worst neighborhood to park in is no surprise, the financial district. it has the second highest average price per ticket and has the highest number of tickets each year. the best, though, is twin peaks. the bay area coming to get to donate to north bay fire victims, why there's new backlash against some donation sites. also the move to give voters the chance to dramatically expand rent control here in california. plus the youngest member of the man son family breaks her
6:27 am
silence almost 50 years after the murders that kd rocked the country. how she learned about the crime. and we are going to rewrite history, it's going to be hotter than yesterday. check out some of these numbers. you know what the asterisk means, a record high temperature. san francisco you have to get to 90 but you will still ♪ hey grandpa. hey, kid. really good to see you. you too. you tell grandma you were going fishing again? maybe. (vo) the best things in life keep going. that's why i got a subaru, too. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek.
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just about 6:30 and here is a beautiful shot from outside, this is live, exploratorium camera at pier 17. here is the part that you don't see in this picture, it's going to be hot today. get out the sunscreen and shades and mike is getting out his record book because it looks like we are on the way to breaking these records, right? >> do you have that book? >> and my eraser. >> you will need that, i think. >> i think we will. we will rewrite history today is the way i've been saying it. new record high temperatures are possible. it's a breezy night in the northeast bay hills and up in the north bay hills, winds have been gusting around 25 to 35 miles per hour keeping your temperatures in the 70s and we've had wind gusting to 35 to 40 miles per hour at half-moon bay and that's why your temperatures are still in the 80s right now. let me show you what's going on as far as the microclimates or i should say the 12-hour day
6:31 am
planner. temperatures are all over the place from the 50s to the 70s, 50s in our deepest valleys of the north bay and east bay but up in the hills the 70s. 77 at the coast, 79 around the bay, 80 inland. 82, 87 and 88 at 4:00, and 69 to upper 70s at 7:00. it's going to be warm you will day today, frances. >> we are going to head over to westbound 92 in hayward. that's where new crash is, chp is en route at industrial. traffic is already slow on southbound 880, you can see it's under -- right around 25 miles an hour, really heavy as you head towards the toll plaza, south 880 continues to be slow as you make your way into fremont and we will keep an eye on that for you. the sluggish traffic replans as you head across the san matteo bridge, this is the westbound side heading in towards the high-rise and san matteo area and the san matteo bridge drive right now is 24 minutes. reggie, jessica. chilling new surveillance video of a man accused of
6:32 am
killing two people and hurting two others in lake county. you are going to see it here, it shows the suspect alan ashmore walking into a convenience store with a rifle, grabs a two liter bottle of soda, as he walks out he shoots at the clerk, misses, officials say the clerk grabbed his gun and shot at the suspect hitting his car. ashmore was on the run after official found two homicide victims and two others including a chp officer hurt. ashmore recently surrendered. happening today kate steinle's father is expected back on the stand in day two of the trial for the man accused of killing his daughter. the death has been at the center of the national debate over sanctuary cities. tiffany wilson is live at the hall of justice this morning. >> reporter: good morning, reggie and ses can a. yes, kate steinle's dad is expected to return to the stand today for this very closely watched trial. yesterday he held back tears as he described the final seconds
6:33 am
with his daughter after she was shot while they walked along pier 14 two years ago. during opening statements the prosecutor picked up the gun that killed steinle. the prosecutor told the jury josé garcia zarate pointed it at steinle. the defense team are trying to say that the shooting is accidental. for the j i remember to convict him the prosecution must demonstrate that he intended to pull the trigger >> this is about the steinle family, the incredible resolve they're showing as a family during these difficult times and we are going to do everything we can to bring them justice. >> reporter: kate steinle's mother, brother and sister-in-law were all in the courtroom for jim steinle's emotional testimony yesterday. the trial is expected to resume around 10:00 this morning. live in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. developing news, the top u.s. general says four american special operations forces died in niger amid a complex situation and a, quote, difficult fire fight. general joseph dunford the joint
6:34 am
chiefs of staff chairman says the american people deserve to know what happened in an ambush earlier this month. it was a low risk reconnaissance mission that suddenly came under attack by 50 militants. the team waited before calling for help. >> our soldiers are operating in niger to build the capacity of local forces to defeat violent extremism in west africa. their presence is part of a global strategy. as we've seen many times, groups like isis and al qaeda pose a threat to the united states, the american people and our allies. >> armed drone arrived within minutes of that call, 30 minutes later a french military aircraft moved in and two hours later a french planes. dunford admits there were questions whether the u.s. had adequate intelligence and equipment for that operation and whether there was a failure of planning. right now prototypes for a border wall between the u.s. and mexico are almost finished. the government is spending $20 million for eight concrete and steel mockups near san diego.
6:35 am
they are set to be ready for testing by the end of next month. $2 billion is needed to begin construction which democrats and some republicans say congress will never approve. a petition droo i have is under way to make online fundraising for north bay victims fee free. crowd funding have raced $7 million for relief efforts but most crowd funding sites charge a fee. go fund me takes nearly 8%. more that happen 89,000 people have signed this petition now to lift the charge while go fund me has made money off the fundraising has also pledged $250,000 to recovery efforts. you can donate to i can have tims. we have a list of where and how you can help out at a marin county man faces charges of evading police and have having dozens of pounds of pot in his car. these are the drugs officers found in the vehicle.
6:36 am
they say officers tried to pull a car over yesterday afternoon after seeing a driver talking on his cellphone. the driver kept going, later stopped his car in a parking lot and ran away from the officers. they found 38 pounds of marijuana in that car. officers found the man and arrested him about an hour later. happening today a san francisco supervisor will introduce legislation to create cultural districts in the city as a way to fend off gentrification. supervisor mihillary roenen believes cultural districts will give them a way to strengthen their districts such as with affordable housing or by putting up public art. it would also direct the mayor to create if under to help each cultural district. >> housing advocates have filed paperwork to put a statewide rent control measure on the ballot. they would repeal a law that blocks it from housing after 1995.
6:37 am
strong opposition from apartment developers and landlords helped kill a bill last year that would have repealed the rent law. napa county wants to make lake berryessa for attractive by redeveloping their resorts. this brochure is looking for would be developers to build hotels, an amp theater, a golf source, a safari park and zip line. if interested developers would take a tour of the five resort sites next month and we will have until december 14th to submit an application. county officials say the area is one of the nation's most prosperous. now your accuweather forecast with mike nico. our microclimates are more pronounced this morning than they will be later on this afternoon. here is the reason why, the winds. look what we've done to our temperatures. the lack means it's 7 degrees cooler in livermore, half-moon bay 29 degrees warmer with that 81 right now. san francisco look at how warm
6:38 am
it is here, temperatures right around average for our highs if not a little bit warmer than average because our average high is 69, that's what we have at the ferry building, we have the mission, 68 along with the marina and castro. if you are a heading to the financial district 7 r5 degrees and just over from that 67 in downtown. 53, though, santa particular ra, palo alto 56, pleasanton 53, 60 american canyon, richmond 74. we are all over the place this morning. so exercising find shade if you get hot today, all day sunshine on the bay and warm all day at our beaches. everybody is feeling summer heat from 82 to 88 at 3:00 this afternoon. remember drink plenty of water today, wear lightweight clothing, loose fitting, light colored clothing, don't leave kids or pets inside cars even on a day like today it can heat up
6:39 am
dramatically. take frequent breaks in the shade. a couple more days of this heat then i will show you if autumn will return by the weekend that's in the accuweather seven-day forecast. roads are starting to get busy. chp is en route to a new crash reported in san jose. northbound 85 at 87. so we will check out in my next report. westbound 92 is slow across the san matteo bridge and that's because of a couple problems along that westbound 92 stretch. there is an accident at industrial that may still be in the second lane from the left, you notice traffic is moving at 21 miles per hour from 880, there was a crash reported at the toll plaza they are trying to clear from the left lane so that drive time will be a pretty slow with unthis morning. westbound 92 across the san matteo bridge growing to 30 minutes, right now currently 28, the dumbarton bridge may be an alternate but slow on 880 getting there. a live shot of the golden gate bridge, everywhere else looking good in the north bay coming into san francisco. reggie, jessica. new this morning sears says
6:40 am
it will no longer sell whirlpool appliances. according to an internal memo obtained by the "wall street journal" sears is unhappy with higher prices whirlpool is demanding. they started selling appliances in sears stores more than a century ago back in 1916. it will still make washers, dryers and other products under the sears ken more brand. sears has closed hundreds of stores nationwide in the last few years. it blames stores like home depot for cutting into its bottom line. the jerks then vegas of trains to scheduled to go into service around thank giving. bart says the cars passed safety tests over the weekend. they are quieter and smoother than the 40-year-old fleet. bart's goal is to have 35 of the new models in service by the end of the year. rent worries in theth bay a new study reveals how much more you can expect to pay if amazon builds its second headquarters in san jose. a north bay football team plays for the first time since the wildfires. why the students were winners
6:41 am
before they stepped on the field. and today at 9:00 on live with kelly and ryan, blake with kelly and ryan, blake lively on her new movie "all i
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6:43 am
6:43 on this toasty tuesday morning. temperature up on tamalpais 70
6:44 am
degrees, winds gusting. 50s and 60s, 80s and 90s coming up next. this morning the faa is investigating a second incident at sfo involving air canada. >> it wants to know why the crew ignored repeated warnings to abort a landing. matt keller is live at the airport. >> reporter: good morning. another incident for air canada, this one on sunday night. it was not a close call, unlike the one in july, however, the faa is investigating. >> reporter: that's air traffic control trying to make a change for a landing of an air canada flight from montreal after it already received permission to land at sfo. air traffic control repeated the instructions five times. without a response a supervisor used a flashing red light to alert the crew to go around. the jet landed safely just before 9:30 never having acknowledged the orders.
6:45 am
>> i think it's pretty convincing that there was a problem with the radios of one sort of or another, whether they had accidentally switched it to another frequency, whether or not something had gone south. >> reporter: air canada was involved at another incident in sfo in july. an air canada plane came within 53 feet of crash land noog other planes at sfo, the pilot miss took the taxi way for the runway. matt keller, abc 7 news. more problems in the air, a jetblue plane made an emergency landing in new york after a bird strike. the plane hit birds shortly after takeoff from boston's logan airport on a flight to las vegas, it was going to return to boston but they were forced to land in new york because of the weather. a spokesperson said the plane was diverted out of an abundance
6:46 am
of a caution. all passengers will be reaccommodated on another aircraft. one of the lesser known members of the charles manson family is breaking her sigh lance. diane lake spoke on "good morning america." she met man son when she was 14 and he was 34. she said she fell in love with him and believed he was a second coming of christ. lake said when members of the family returned home in 1969 after butchering seven people including actress sharon tate they told her everything. >> i got gory details and as i -- what i remember is that they gave me the gory details with a certain amount of glee or almost like bragging, which just made me feel even worse. i mean, it was like, what? >> man son was sentenced to death when the death penalty was ruled unconstitutional. his sentence was commuted to life in prison. students at cardinal newman
6:47 am
high school in santa r back to class today for the first time since the north bay wildfires started. >> the football team played their rival in rohnert park last night. 90 of the 620 students including six players lost their homes in the tubbs fire. the team is practicing at another high school while theirs rebuil rebuilds. >> it's awesome. it's a little bit of normalcy for all of us and we all love the sport, with he love playing together, it's nice to be out here together again. >> the best thing for the young men is experience cardinal newman and this is part of the high school. >> the principal says students could be back on the campus for the second semester in january if the site can be cleaned up in time. now your morning money report, the mid to get amazon to build the second u.s. headquarters in san jose comes with one very big concern, housing prices. >> san jose willer has some of the fastest rising rents in the
6:48 am
country. expect that to get worse if they land the amazon deal. san jose could experience severe rent growth, it could add up to $30,000 in rent hikes over the next ten years for individual households. amazon is expected to reveal the home of its new headquarters next year. apple co-founder steve wozniak says the iphone x will be the i phone he does not buy the day it's released. during money 2020 conference in las vegas the woz revealed he's happy with his iphone 8. he didn't give any specific reasons for not upgrading other than he would, quote, rather wait and watch that one. the iphone x goes on sale november 3rd. if you played the mega millions lottery starting saturday the game will cost you more, have bigger prizes and longer odds. tickets will cost 2 bucks each, the starting jackpot will increase $25 million to $40 million. the odds of winning the big prize increase from 1 in 259
6:49 am
million to 1 in 303 million but it will be easier to win a small $1 million prize. lottery officials say the changes are in response to customer request. i guess it's all relative. if traveling around the world and getting paid for it sounds like a dream job listen up. >> "the new york times" is looking for a traveler to hit 52 world destinations in one year and every year the times publishes 52 places to go. so it's a travel feature on vacation spots and the time is looking for sw unwho is active on social media and willing to commit to a full year. to apply all you have to do is write a 500 word memo outlining the most interesting place you've been and why. also explain the themes that you would like to explore during your travels. noah, how much time do we have here? not very much time. okay. i have my he is say written so i was going to read it out loud to the times producer listening. >> it's too bad we're short on time, jess. sorry, looks like you're stuck
6:50 am
sitting next to me. mike, can we go anywhere where it's cooler than here. >> yeah, but you would have to get on a plane, go to the midwest, 51 today in st. louis, 48 in chicago, 48 cleveland, 68 in atlanta. fall definitely in full effect in the eastern two-thirds of the country. sunny, record setting warm today, tonight clear and coolest in the valleys, i don't think it will be quite as breezy as last night. i think the hills will cool off, gradual tapering of our afternoon temperatures will commence as we head towards the weekend. a ridge of high pressure going into canada, grabbing that cool air and dumping it into the eastern two-thirds of the country and that's why it's so much cooler there and why we're so much hotter here. always happens this time of the year, the autumn seesaw. 90 in santa clara and cupertino. 91 that asterisk is a record high, 95 morgan hill, gilroy. we will hit 90 on the peninsula redwood city to 85 millbrae, 87
6:51 am
half-moon bay, 86 pacifica, partialer there than the sunset, daley city 82 and 81, mid to upper 80s for downtown and south san francisco. sausalito 82, you hit the upper 80s around san rafael, also vallejo and sonoma, low to mid 90s with a record setting 93 in santa rosa. 87 in oakland, a record high. inland 90 to 93 degrees with concord and livermore record highs. tonight there you go much better sleeping weather, 50s and 60s instead of 60s and 70s like this morning. my accuweather seven-day forecast still hot through thursday, cooling hit the coast starting tomorrow, back in the 60s by friday, all of us will be back in the 50s, 60s and 70s by sunday and monday. no real autumn chill in this forecast. it's gotten busy this past half hour, there are four accidents you need to know about. we will head to one of the hot spots in san jose northbound 85
6:52 am
almaden expressway, injuries are involved, traffic heavy even from before highway 87 all the way past highway 17. and westbound 92 it's a mess because of two accidents, one at industrial blocking two lanes and then one at the bay bridge -- rather the san matteo bridge toll plaza. traffic is heavy along that stretch and you can see it continues to remain slow here. that right-hand side is westbound traffic, about a 30 minute drive from hayward into foster city and there is also another crash this is the fourth one westbound 580 at the richmond san rafael bridge, it is apparently blocking a lane and traffic is backing up at the tolls. we are back in 90 seconds with the tevin things you know before you go. our instagram photo of the day. follow us at abc 7 news bay area, get more pictures and video like these and share
6:53 am
6:54 am
here are the sent things you need to know. mike? >> weather the number one item most of us in the 50s this morning, our valleys and then 70s up in our hills. that's going to springboard us to 70s and 80s already by noon and 80s everywhere by 4:00 on this record setting day. the faa investigating another questionable air canada incident at sfo. this time the pilots missed multiple orders to abort a landing sunday night after getting no response a supervisor used a flashing red light to alert the crew to go around.
6:55 am
the air canada jet landed safely. the father of kate steinle the woman who was killed in san francisco on pier 14 will return to the stand today. jim steinle was the first witness called to testify in the trial. josé garcia zarate is accused of killing steinle two years ago. number four, cardinal newman high school in santa rosa will resume classes today two weeks after the campus was devastated by the north bay wildfires. students will be at four parishes throughout the area. number five, tennessee republican senator bob corker is standing by his comments in which he called the white house an adult day care center. in an interview in morning on "good morning america" corker says the president needs to leave tax reform and north korea to the professionals. you can see the full interview coming up next on "good morning america." and number six, the westbound 92 ride is the hot spot this morning with a crash at industrial, one at the san matteo bridge toll plaza,
6:56 am
there's also an injury accident? san jose northbound 95 at the almaden expressway. all the people who hate christmas decorations up early in the station, rejoice, target shoppers will have to wait until after thanksgiving to start shopping for christmas items. customers have been complaining that christmas sales start too early. >> one holiday at a time? >> so they and nordstrom are committed to waiting. >> i like it. >> you like that. >> i do. >> i'm with it. i'm here for it. we saw halloween decorations after the fourth of july.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, tornadoes and violent thunderstorms tearing through the southeast forcing swift water rescues, trees toppling onto homes. dangerous winds flipping planes and trucks. 30 million in the northeast are on alert as flash flooding and severe storms move in. chilling new d that deadly ambush in niger. a survivor of the attack that left four special ops soldiers dead now reveals what happened in those what happened as they tried to escape? inside the battle, the questions this morning. why did it take more than 48 hours to find sergeant la david johnson. serial killer on the loose. authorities racing against time to find the murderer terrorizing a tampa neighborhood. >> we will hunt this son of a [ bleep ]


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